This search covers the following types of outstanding sanitation liens:  
mowing tall grass or weeds, removal of trash or junk and solid waste clean up.
For questions, please call 336-747-6957.

If there is a question regarding "pending" sanitation liens, please call Community and Business Development at 336-734-1257.

We are currently working to improve this site. Meanwhile, for all persons owning the subject property during the period of the search you must search all the block and lots owned by this person. If you search only a particular block and lot and retrieve no information, it does not mean that this person does not own other properties that could have liens. The Forsyth County Tax Office site (www.forsyth.cc/tax) allows you to search by name and retrieve all the block and lots under a particular name. Take the list of block and lots and do individual searches on the City site to make sure there are no liens.

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